Pest Control Toowoomba $180

Household Pest Control Toowoomba

Pest management is all about knowing what pests are the issue, treating for those pests and then making sure that any issues allowing those particular pests have been identified and can be dealt with. Having your pest control done every year maintains the barrier and reduces the occurrence of dealing those pests again. Our service is like no other as we do a thorough inspection of the property to find the causes, like entry points, and identify ways of fixing those and reducing pest entry as well as our detailed pest treatment.

The treatment uses specific products to target the pests that you are having issues with as not all products affect each pests. For example, dusts can affect cockroaches, a transfer product can affect ants which in turn take the product back to the nest and kill the nest. One product does not do the whole property.

What does First Choice Pest Control do that others don’t?

We believe that going the extra mile helps us get the best result for you as ultimately that is what you are paying for. Our Extra Pest Service is at no extra charge and includes:

  • Building Perimeter termite assessment of any breaches you may not be aware of.*
  • Rodent precautionary treatment in the ceiling.*
  • Treating both the ceiling void and the subfloor (if accessible).
  • Inspections of the property for pest entry and harbourage points.
  • A treatment specific for your property as not all homes have the same issues.

What can I do to make my treatment more effective?

  • Wipe out cupboards
  • Clean cockroach droppings off of walls and door hinges
  • Dust skirtings
  • Move contents away from walls
  • Don’t mop around floor edges for at least 14 days

The treatment takes at least 14 days to show true effects.

Please note all above pricing is for those in Toowoomba. Surrounding areas outside of built up areas may incur additional costs. Properties larger than 1000 m2 may also incur additional costs. Properties that have infestations may also incur additional costs.

*These are part of our additional pest treatment which has additional charges.