Our Warranty


Terms and Conditions of your Treatment

Please don’t assumed that ‘pest control’ is removing the evidence of all pest/insects from the home. This is not true. The surface spray ads on TV show bugs dying immediately as they cross an invisible barrier sprayed near a doorway or window ledge. This is impossible. Residual treatments, made to affect the pest, take time to do what they do. In many cases the pest, after crossing the barrier, dies hours even days after. Like all other pest managers, we do not control the pests that come into your home, but we do manage the environment so that when they do come in they won’t be alive for long after.


If the weather on the day is foggy, raining or looks like it will rain shorty. We are more than happy to reschedule. We prefer to at least treat the inside of the property and return to do the outside. We collect payment of the day we do the inside. This way we can return at any time, as soon as possible, to service which may mean you are not home at the time. Treating the external before during or just after rain will void the entire warranty.

House Keeping

Please ensure the vacuuming, sweeping and mopping has been done before we arrive as the edges of the floor will need to be left for at least 14 days before you can sweep or mop them. This will give the treatment the best chance of doing what it does best. We realise that crumbs on the floor and dishes on the bench are all part of life. However, it is these things that attract pests that eat the crumbs as they are a food source for pests. They then attract spiders to those areas as they eat the pests that eats those crumbs. Remove the source (crumbs etc) and you remove the issue. Having floors that have not been swept and mopped regularly will affect your warranty. Regular housekeeping is what keeps pests at manageable states. We cannot fully warranty homes with these issues.

Building Exterior

For the best results on the outside of the house it is best to take the chance prior to us arriving to remove cobwebs and even wash down the exterior if it is a weatherboard/wood home. This will allow our treatment to stay longer. It also means that if you wanted to clean it after our treatment it would remove our product making the warranty void. Removing items that are leaning up against the building exterior will help complete a barrier also. If the property has experience harsh a harsh rain event, which is beyond our control, this can also affect the warranty.

Building Interior 

While every care will be taken, First Choice Pest Control (Toowoomba) will not be held liable should staining of timbers, fabrics, wall coverings, floor coverings or any other articles occur. This also includes and is not limited to external electrical speakers, external lighting, fridges, furniture and screens etc. Skirting boards at the carpet edges is up to the technicians discretion. In the case of cockroaches that harbour in mulch and external areas you must ensure that all entry points into the home like pipe entry points, doors (sliding or pivoting) are air tight. External cockroaches are very hard to treat as the live under structures and mulch etc. They will become affected after crossing the barrier but you will still see live ones. Internal ants usually have a nest outside. We can pour a transferable product around the perimeter which the ants take back to their nests and kills the nest. When the yard has had nests destroyed by the product you will see ants from neighbouring properties start nests which won’t be affected which cannot be reserviced as these were not part of the initial service.

Clothes Lines

Please ensure that all clothes have been removed from the clothes line. If you are not present on the day or do not want to remove them, please note that this may affect the warranty for that area of the home as all care will be taken and in some cases, it may mean the area is missed altogether. Even though we take a lot of care during the treatment we take no responsibility for overspray on the clothes.


Please remove all vehicles from carports or from driveways and in front of front gates that may hinder our entry to your property as these are main access point where we will park and having them out from carports or in front of garages will limit the over spray that gets on the vehicle.


Please ensure all pet food and water bowls inside are covered and that all bowls outside have been covered or emptied and turned upside down. Please ensure that all pets are away from the treated area. If you have bird aviaries/cages, reptile tanks, fish tanks or fish ponds etc. please make sure they are covered and that the technician is made aware of them. We accept absolutely no responsibility if anything should happen. If you are worried about the treatment, please remove them on the day. With ponds please ensure that they are covered with thick plastic and that the edges are held down with heavy items. Rodent baits and bait stations are installed at your own risk and we do not take any responsibility if a pet is affected by them. We do, however, have a pet safe alternative for properties with pets.

Make sure that Dog Droppings are removed from around areas that will be treated on the day. This will prevent our technician from walking in them accidently and also from getting messy hoses, which then get on our techs hands when reling hoses in and on vehicles.

Expectation of the treatment.

While our Technicians are highly trained and experienced we are limited by your environment and the structure. There are sometimes issues with the structure like additional entry points, through holes, cracks and crevices that can allow extra activity from outside to come inside. Although they do cross our barriers and become affected. It doesn’t not necessarily mean that the visual signs of them will reduce. All pest management are based on IPM (Integrated Pest Management). IPM is where we work together to maintain the integrity of our treatment. If you have any, structural, cleaning, clutter or garden issues this will affect your warranty until the issues are resolved. Our technician will advise of these issues on the day and make recommendations. Also expect for some pests to be stirred up and you may even see an increase in activity only because the harbourage areas or nesting areas have been affected.

Maintaining the Barrier

Creating an environment for pest to not dwell in is essential to having a home with a low pest identification rate. Keeping a clean home and garden (including the treatment) is essential to keeping more pest at bay most of time. It is not so much about building up a barrier, rather it is about maintaining the barrier. That is why we provide a 12 month warranty as the lifespan of the products we use is around that time frame as they can be affected by rain and UV and usually they will last between the 10 to 12 months. Not to mention cleaning inside can remove our residual treatments. Therefore, if you think your pest manager has failed because you see the occasional pest it maybe because the barrier has not been maintained. Be sure to maintain it every 12 months and this will ensure a more productive treatment. 


Infestations are when you have a higher than normal number of pests. These are easy to notice as the pests will be visible at any time. In the case of cockroaches, we will see them on hinges and around fridge motors or crawling across the floor in the middle of the night. In the case of infestations, we do not warranty them until the source is dealt with.

Your Warranty

Unless there are issues as discussed above your warranty is for 12 months and covers all household issues relating to those being treated in your confirmation above. The treatment covers ants that come into your home (3 months only- See Building Interior), non-ground dwelling spiders (excludes Redback, White Tail, Huntsmen, Wolf, Funnelweb etc.). And also external cockroaches as discussed above (see Building Interior). This enables us to carry out our service, within reason. An expectation of us to control pest coming from a third-party source is unreasonable. To expect that every insect that crawls in should instantly die is also unreasonable. The warranty doesn’t cover flea infestations, german or asian cockroach infestations, lice, carpet beetle, case moths, pantry moths and ground dwelling spiders.

When the property is outside or on the edge of the immediate city limits it is deemed semi rural or rural. These areas have a higher potential for activity. Sometimes if the property in these areas has not had a treatment ever or in a 5+ years we may not be able to fully warranty it. Even if the service has been carried out regularly it might only be given 3 to 6 months. This depends on the openness of the area, amount of ant nests around the property and what the environment around the property is like.

Re Service Fee

Reservice Fees only apply in the case where there is not a warranty or in cases where we attend only to find that the treatment is working. In the case of cockroaches make sure they are not in the process of dying. You will see live insects. However, the treatment will affect them and the visual sightings will decrease over the first 14 days. Please also remove spider webs from cornices as old webs can make poison free homes for new spiders and cobweb removal should be a part of your home cleaning maintenance. A reservice fee will be at the technician’s discretion and will be a minimum of $99.


Health & Safety

  1. Any persons who may be particularly sensitive, or who may suffer from allergic reactions, should, as a matter of precaution, remain out of the premises for a period of twenty-four (24) hours and not return until after the premises have been fully ventilated.  Leave any air-conditioners on ‘vent mode’ (so they circulate outside air into the building) for a period of at least four hours after the treatment or after re-occupying.
  2. Should you suspect anyone has come into contact with a treated area and has been affected in any way contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 and have this notice with you.
  3. You must cover all food items and all food utensils prior to a treatment, as directed.
  4. You must avoid contact with treated surfaces until the insecticide has dried.  This could take three (3) to eight (8) hours in some cases.
  5. On external treatments close all doors and windows during the treatment and keep closed until the odour has cleared.  This could take three (3) to eight (8) hours in some cases.  This is done to avoid any odour or overspray entering the building.
  6. You must observe any verbal advice provided by our firm or our licensed technician at the time of treatment.