Why get your Termite Inspection done with your Pest Treatment?

Its true that 1 in 5 homes have termites somewhere on the property. Even if termites are in the garden or an old stump this means that they are to close for comfort as their next stop may very well be your home. What if I have a termite barrier around my home or ant capping? These are only inspection points. It does not stop the little critter entering your home. Rather, it exposes them so that we can identify them when they do. This is one of the leading reasons why homes get attacked by termites. If you have any questions regarding your barrier we also can make a time to meet and discuss at no charge whatsoever.

Having your Pest treatment done at the same time means that you can combine the two and only have to remember it once a year. The main BONUS is that you SAVE money.

Does the Pest Treatment stop Termites?

Unfortunately, no. The product used for external pest treatments would only kill the Termites that are exposed to it and not stop their entry to your home. The product used for killing termites and their nest is a transferable product called Termidor. The termite comes into contact with the product unknowingly and in turn takes the product back to the nest and then spreads it around by touching each other when communicating, transferring food and grooming each other. Eventually the treatment gets back to the queen and when she is dead the colony dies.

What do you get?

  • A Full Internal and External Cockroach, Ants, Spider and Silverfish Treatment.
  • FREE Rodent Preventative treatment in the ceiling.
  • Full Internal and External Termite Inspection.
  • Full written Report.
  • 12 Month Warranty of Household Pests.
  • FREE Assessments of any concern post Termite Inspection.

To put your mind at ease you can contact us on 4638 7665 or fill out a web enquiry to the right of this page.

Please note all above pricing is for those in Toowoomba. Surrounding areas outside of built up areas may incur additional costs. Properties larger than 1000 m2 may also incur additional costs. Properties that have infestations may also incur additional costs.