Rodent Treatments

Rodent Issues

Rats and mice are active all year round and can make a mess in your ceiling, make a terrible noise at night and bring fleas into your home. Mostly, rats and mice, are more active in our homes around winter and are usually in the ceilings. They get in her by weep holes and through other holes made for air conditioner conduits and plumbing pipes. All they need is the width height of a standard pencil to be able to squeeze through. Once they are in they get busy nesting and breeding.

How do we deal with Mice and Rats?

There are many ways to deal with them. It all really depends on the situation. If they are outside we can set up bait stations. If they are inside we can set up glue pads. In the ceiling we can do baits and or tracking powder.

What is Different about our Baiting Program?

Firstly, the bait we use has the fastest knock down of any block baiting system on the market. It has an attractant that attracts the rodent and then the taste is made to also be attractive to their pallet. It can take one or two feeds and the bait has done its job. Secondly, it is SAFE. The taste is offensive to humans, dogs and cats which deters any consumption. on top of this a dog or cat would need to ingest their own body weight to be fatal. The most a bait station carries is approximately 200g maximum. A 5 kg dog would need to eat 5kgs of bait to prove fatal. What if my Dog or Cat attack or eat the rodent? No problems the rodent will consume about 5 to 10 grams to be fatal to it based on the rodents biology. Once the rodent has died the rodenticide starts to break down in the rodents body and loses most of it affect.  keep in mind that it may have ingested a small amount  on top of it breaking down it would not be enough. Again the dog or cat needs to eat its weight in poison to prove fatal.

If you need to discuss our services or a rodent program please contact us on 4638 7665.