Getting Rid of Rats and Mice

Sick of dropping and hearing scratching at night?

Let us deal with them. We can provide a hidden and safe bait stations that can be regularly checked based on the infestation level. We make sure we hit the infestation heavy and put the stations along where the rodents travel. This is generally along walls as their sight is poor and in areas where the droppings are high as these are areas that the collude and eat.

What happens to the mice or rats?

The poison does kill them quite quickly and we are not able to make them leave to die. However, when they do they usually decompose quickly and the smell is not too often offensive. In the case that there is a smelly rodent body we can also remove that.

What if I don’t want them poisoned?

We also allow for everyone’s position on killing these by using cages with catch and release. These are let go outside as we cannot take these and ake them someone else’s issue. However we suggest that quick killing afterwards or making sure the house is mouse/rat proof.