Termite Inspections

Why Should I get an Annual Termite Inspection?

There isn’t a suburb in Toowoomba that we have not found termites. They are pretty much anywhere and 1 in 5 home has some sort of activity. If you haven’t had a Timber Pest Inspection since buying the property we would urge you to have this done as soon as possible. The longer a property is left not inspected the high the risk of the building being affected by termites is.

What does a Termite Inspection involve?

  • Inspection of the yard, timber, retaining walls, fences and trees up to 50 metres from the house.
  • Inspection of the ceiling*
  • Inspection of the subfloor**
  • Inspection of the external perimeter of the home and termite barriers including ant capping.
  • Internal Inspection using a thermal camera, moisture meters and sounding device.
  • Full Written Report of any activity, compromises in the barriers or breaches that can be conducive or attractive to termites.
  • Full Written Report on what you may need to do to fix any breaches. Most homes have at least one breach.

What happens if we find Termites?

Most people think that treating active termites is expensive. On the contrary, it is very affordable and can be done at the time of inspection. For example treating an active nest can be as little as $55 with a return 30 days later to make sure the activity has ceased. Perimeter treatments are where the cost lies as holes may need to be drilled, trenches dug or reticulation lines put in and filled with Termiticide which is where the cost comes in. In saying this though it means peace of mind knowing that termites cannot enter your home. It also comes with a 12 month warranty after your each inspection if we have done the chemical barrier treatment.

Buying a New Home or Investment Property?

If you need a pre purchase timber pest inspection call us for a same day Inspection Report Guarantee.

To book an Inspection or even to ask a few questions please call 46387665.

Please note all above pricing is for those in Toowoomba. Surrounding areas outside of built up areas may incur additional costs. Properties larger than 1000 m2 may also incur additional costs. Properties that have infestations may also incur additional costs.

*Ceiling void inspections must be within the working at heights terms and also within the Electrical Safety Act. This means our preferred electrician needs to provide an inspection and makesafe work if needed. When dealing with electricity and also heights we need to ensure that every technician returns safe to their family.

**Subfloors must have an opening and crawl area of a minimum of 400mm.