August 27, 2016 Blog, FAQ, Posts

Some people seemed shocked when we recommend 6 or 12 monthly inspections like we are taking advantage of them. The thing is we are doing the exact opposite. A termite inspection looks for nests in the gardens, in the fences, in old stumps and trees, breaches where termites can enter the home like areas where the walls are blocked from being inspected, where the weep holes are covered just to name a few. If your home is on stumps that is a whole different story. Termites can create their mud leaders incredibly quick. People also fear the what if. What if they find termites? What if they tell me there are but there aren’t? Its easy. If we find them we show you. If we are under a house we also face time so that you can see real time. If we do find any that is the least of your worries. to treat them can be as little as the cost of the inspection. The real cost is if they have caused damage to the home and repairs need to be done. So for the cost of a round a couple of hundred dollars a year you get peace of mind so you can sleep easier at night. We also have savings packages for multiple year investments. Call us today or fill out the enquiry form.